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Information on the Causes and Development of Phobias

If you have been diagnosed with a phobia, you may wonder how it developed. Friends and relatives may wonder if they could have prevented the phobia. Provided here is information on common causes of phobias and their development.

What Causes Phobias?
The causes of phobias are not yet fully understood. However, researchers have identified several possible contributing factors. Read on to discover some possible causes of phobias.

Theories on the Development of Phobias
Experts have not yet determined exactly what causes phobias to develop. However, the existing theories can be divided into three basic categories. Read on for more information.

Biological Basis of Phobias
There are three main categories of theories that are used to explain the development of phobias. According to the theory of biological basis, phobias are caused by physiological differences in the brain. Read on to learn more about biological theory.

Learning Theory and Phobias
Theories on the development of phobias can be loosely divided into three types. Learning theory is a broad classification that includes several important theories. Read on to find out more.

Psychoanalytic Theory of Phobias
There are three major categories of theories on the nature of phobias. Psychoanalytic theory is one of the oldest. Read on for more information on psychoanalytic theory and treatment of phobias.

Social Cognitive Theory
Social cognitive theory is a subtype of cognitive theory that explains the effects others have on our behaviors. How does social cognitive theory relate to phobias? Find out more.

Defense Mechanisms
According to psychoanalytic theory, defense mechanisms are the ego's way of relieving the tension caused by anxiety. What are the defense mechanisms, and how do they influence our behavior?

Body Image and Phobias
Many phobias have an impact on the sufferer's body image. Others may be triggered by body image concerns. Have a look at the complicated interrelationship between body image and phobias.

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