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Updated January 30, 2013


Couples therapy can be simply defined as any therapy that involves both partners in a relationship. Although it is most often used in marriage counseling, couples therapy may be helpful in treating certain phobias. Any phobia that focuses on relationships, sex, intimacy or touching will likely affect both members of the couple. In this case, your therapist might suggest at least a few sessions of couples therapy.

Couples therapy is, by nature, designed to focus on the issues that exist in the relationship. Therefore, when it is used for phobia treatment, it will focus on the ways in which the phobia affects your partnership. It is not designed to lay blame or make either partner feel guilty or responsible for the issues that may exist. Instead, the sessions will help you work together to find solutions to problems that may be quite difficult for both of you.

Mike's phobia of intimacy was wreaking havoc on his marriage, so his therapist suggested that Mike bring his wife in for a few sessions of couples counseling.
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