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Updated June 09, 2014


A psycho-educational group is a specific type of group therapy that focuses on educating clients about their disorders and ways of coping. Many psycho-educational groups consist of members that all share the same diagnosis. In this case, the education tends to focus on coping with that specific disorder. In other groups, members may have very different diagnoses, and the educational focus is on practical life skills such as living within a community or accepting rules.

Psycho-educational groups may be taught by mental health experts, peer counselors who share a similar diagnosis, or members of the community. There are specific formats for certain types of psycho-educational groups, but many follow a more free-form, eclectic approach.

Alternate Spellings: Psychoeducational Group
Melissa's psycho-educational group on living with social phobia has taught her new ways of relating to strangers.
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