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Basic Information About Phobias

If you are suffering from a phobia, the information here can help you to gain a better understanding of your illness. Friends and relatives can also develop a deeper understanding of their loved one's condition.
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What Is a Phobia?
Phobias can be defined as intense and irrational fears. Here you will find information to help you understand what phobias are and how they are treated.

Top 10 Common Specific Phobias
The full list of specific phobias is virtually limitless, consisting of anything that someone might fear. However, some phobias are fairly common. Read on for information on ten of the most common phobias.

The Psychology of Fear
Fear is one of the most primal human emotions, consisting of both a physiological and an emotional response. Fear is experienced uniquely by everyone. Read on for more information on the psychology of fear.

Religion and Phobias
The link between religion and phobias appears to be powerful, although much research is still needed. Certain types of phobias are likely to have a religious component, which often surfaces during times of religious questioning. Learn more about the interaction between religion and phobias.

Myths About Phobias: Separating Fact From Fiction
Phobias, like many mental health disorders, are shrouded in myths and legends. Separate the fact from the fiction here.

Phobias and New Year's Resolutions
During the holidays, many people with phobias develop a heightened awareness of their fears due to the inherently social nature of the season. New Year’s Eve is a traditional time to re-examine our lives, determining what we can do better next year. Here are some tips for beating your phobia in the New Year.

Phobias I Want to Read About
In Top Ten Phobias, I discussed ten of the most common phobias. There is an entire world of phobias just waiting to be discovered. What phobias would you like to read more about? List the strangest, most unusual or most interesting phobias you can think of, and I'll use your suggestions for later topics.

Crisis Anniversaries and Phobias
If you have been through a major crisis, such as a hurricane or the sudden death of a loved one, you are probably already aware of the increased risk of phobias and other psychological disorders at that time. But did you know that the anniversary date could trigger a major reaction, even years later? Here's how to cope.

Mass Murder and Anxiety Disorders
While widespread panic is normal in the weeks following a human-inflicted disaster, most people are soon able to return to their regular lives. For some, however, the natural fear develops into a longer-lasting anxiety disorder.

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