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Phobias: An Overview


Fear is one of the most primal and powerful human emotions. It is frequently tapped by Hollywood in films and television, and even by organizers for Halloween events. While fear can be something we trivialize, or even poke fun at, out of control fear can become a phobia -- a condition that, at times, can be simply paralyzing.
  1. Phobias 101
  2. Animal Phobias
  3. Food Phobias
  4. Medical Phobias
  5. Phobias Related to Heights
  1. Phobias With a Religious Component
  2. Social Phobias
  3. Agoraphobia Information
  4. Other Phobias
  5. Phobias Reflected in Pop Culture

Phobias 101

What distinguishes a fear of spiders from a spider phobia? Phobias are often misunderstood and underdiagnosed. Knowing the distinguishing characteristics of a phobia can help you know when your fear is no longer just fear, but a phobia that may call for treatment.

Animal Phobias

Many phobias revolve around a primal fear of certain animals. Here is a detailed look at several common animal phobias.

Food Phobias

Many phobias seem to revolve around food. Here are a few that you may not be familiar with.

Medical Phobias

Some people fear doctors and other health professionals. Others are afraid of illnesses and germs. Here is a series of phobias with a medical theme.

Phobias Related to Heights

Acrophobia, or fear of heights, is not the only phobia related to being at height. Here are several phobias related to heights.

Phobias With a Religious Component

Although phobias may be triggered by a seemingly limitless number of factors, some phobias seem to have a religious component. Here are some of the most common.

Social Phobias

Social phobia is a broad category that can encompass many different types of phobias. Here is a look at some of the most common social phobias.

Agoraphobia Information

Agoraphobia is a complicated disorder that affects different people in vastly different ways. Here is a look at some effects of agoraphobia.

Other Phobias

It is possible to develop a phobia of literally anything. Here are some of the more common and interesting ones.

Phobias Reflected in Pop Culture

Phobias are often misrepresented in film, television and other media outlets. Additionally, many Hollywood creations can trigger phobic reactions. You can separate fact from fiction with a little bit of knowledge about the science behind the scares.

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