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Understanding Phobias in Older Adults

Older adults with phobias face unique challenges. Find out more about diagnosing and treating phobias in the elderly here.

An Overview of Phobias in Older Adults
Are you or a loved one an older adult who may be suffering from a phobia? Read on for information about the effects of phobias in older adults.

Help an Older Adult With a Phobia Maintain Independence
The desire to protect elderly friends and relatives is very strong. However, it is easy to go too far, inadvertently making the phobia worse. Read on for some tips on helping an older adult maintain independence while battling a phobia.

Help an Older Adult With a Possible Phobia
If you know an older adult who may have a phobia, you may wonder what you should do. Many elderly people are uncomfortable with discussing their mental health. Read on for a guide to helping without harming.

Agoraphobia in Older Adults
While most anxiety disorders are rare in older adults, phobias sometimes occur. The most common is agoraphobia. Find out more about the unique challenges of agoraphobia in the older population here.

Effects of SSRIs on Older Adults
Older adults with phobias are often prescribed SSRIs. These antidepressants are popularly considered both safe and effective. However, new research shows that there may be some risks. Read on for more information.

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