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Prevalence of Phobias

Wondering how common various phobias are in different populations? Find out more information here.

Worldwide Prevalence of Phobias
Wondering how prevalent phobias are in different groups? Read on for an overview of phobias worldwide.

Prevalence of Phobias by Population
Phobias are fairly common worldwide. It appears that certain phobias are more prevalent among particular groups. Read on for information on the prevalence of phobias by population.

Prevalence of Phobias in the United States
If you have a phobia, you are far from alone. Phobias are fairly common in the United States. Read on for the details.

Culture-Specific Phobias
Phobias are fairly common worldwide. While certain phobias appear to be universal, others are specific to certain culture groups. Read on for examples of culture-specific phobias.

Prevalence of Phobias in Post-Disaster Situations
Posttraumatic stress disorder is the most common psychological effect of disasters. However, studies show that the risk of phobias may also increase. Read on for more information.

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