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Progression of Phobias

If you suspect that you or a loved one may have a phobia, you may wonder what to expect. Provided here is information on the general progression of phobias.

Progression of Phobias
Untreated phobias often become chronic. Provided here is some information on how phobias typically progress.

Progression of Agoraphobia
Are you curious about how untreated agoraphobia can progress? Find out more here.

Progression of Social Phobias
Wondering how social phobias typically progress without treatment? Look here for more information.

Progression of Specific Phobias
Wondering how specific phobias generally progress? Look here for more information.

Progression of Phobias to Other Disorders
Treatment for phobias is extremely effective. If phobias are left untreated, however, they can eventually become more severe and even lead to additional disorders. Read on for information on untreated phobias.

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