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Disorders That Are Related to Phobias

Many mental and physical disorders cause symptoms that are similar to those of phobias. Find out more about related disorders here.

Social Phobia or Shyness
Although they seem similar at first glance, shyness and social phobia rarely overlap. Learning the differences can help you decide whether professional intervention is required.

Distinguishing Phobias From Other Disorders
Many symptoms of phobias are very similar to those of other disorders. Read on for information on how to tell the difference.

Depression and Phobias
If you have a phobia, you are statistically more likely to develop a secondary mental disorder. One of the most common is depression. Read on for more information on depression and phobias.

Medical Causes of Phobia Symptoms
Phobias can be tricky to diagnose, as they often share symptoms with physical illnesses. Read on for more information about diseases that can cause phobic symptoms.

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Phobias
Posttraumatic stress disorder is the most common psychological effect of severe trauma. However, phobias can also increase in times of extreme stress. Read on for more information on PTSD and phobias.

Substance Abuse and Phobias
Substance abuse and phobias often occur simultaneously. Read on for information on the causes and treatments for simultaneous substance abuse and phobias.

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