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Research on Phobias

If you are coping with a phobia, you may wonder about the research that is being performed. From upcoming treatments to information on how phobias develop, find information on the latest research here.

Insomnia and Fear of the Dark
Although fear of the dark is common in children, it is believed to be relatively rare in adults. Now, however, Canadian researchers have shown that in some cases, insomnia may be linked to this phobia.

How to Read a Research Report
If you have a phobia, it is natural to want to learn all you can about the condition. However, most research reports are technical and can be hard to follow. Read on for information on how to read a research report.

Is It Possible to Die of Fright?
"I felt the blood curdle in my veins." "I was so scared my blood froze." We use these expressions frequently to describe the feeling of terror. New research shows that these expressions may be rooted in a small bit of truth. Read on to find out more.

Research Findings on the Genetics of Phobias
Although scientists are still unsure exactly what causes phobias, increasing research points to genetics as playing a part. Read on for information on one team's review article.

Snake and Spider Phobias: Fear or Disgust?
The relatively high prevalence of snake and spider phobias has led many experts to conclude that we are biologically hardwired to fear those animals. But is it really fear? Some experts feel that the emotion we experience may actually be disgust.

Are Girls Hardwired to Fear Snakes and Spiders?
Anecdotal evidence shows that women are more likely than men to be afraid of snakes and spiders. A new study proposes that this might be due to evolutionary factors. Are women really predisposed to snake and spider phobias?

New Australian Study Unravels Snake and Spider Phobia
A new study from the University of Queensland has shown that a fear response to snakes and spiders may be learned rather than evolved. Read on for more information about the study.

D-Cycloserine Shows Dramatic Effect in Treating Phobias
The tuberculosis medication D-cycloserine has shown dramatic effects on the treatment of phobias. Read on to find out more.

Therapy or Medication in Children With Phobias?
If your child has a phobia, you may wonder whether medication or therapy is the best course of treatment. A new study attempts to answer this question. Read on for more information.

Defeating Your Own Boggart
Harry Potter and his friends defeat the fearsome boggart using visualization to turn it into something silly. Could this work in real life? Can guided visualization and the power of laughter help you defeat your fear?

DSM: Friend or Foe?
The DSM, or Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, provides standardized criteria for diagnosing mental illnesses. But what exactly is this book, and why do some experts feel that it no longer serves its original purpose?

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