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Recognizing the Symptoms and Diagnostic Criteria for Phobias

If you are newly diagnosed with a phobia, you may wonder how your doctor arrived at this conclusion. Maybe you are wondering whether you or a loved one are suffering from a phobia. Whatever your reason for visiting, you can find out more about the symptoms and diagnostic criteria for phobias here. Remember that only a health professional can diagnose a phobia, however.
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  2. Phobia Symptoms (4)

Psychological and Emotional Effects of Phobias
Beyond the obvious impact of a phobia, there can be numerous additional impacts on your life. Find out more here.

Are You At Risk for a Phobia?
Researchers have identified several risk factors that may make phobias more likely to develop. Find out if you are at risk here.

Is It a Fear or a Phobia?
If you are afraid of something specific, it can be difficult to decide whether you are experiencing a fear or phobia. A phobia is sometimes seen as simply a worse level of fear. This is not entirely accurate, though. Read on for more information on the differences between phobia and simple fear.

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