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Treatment of Phobias

Phobias may worsen over time without proper treatment. Here you can learn about commonly accepted treatments for all types of phobias.
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Understanding the Individual Mandate
The centerpiece of the Obama Health Care Plan, the individual mandate is arguably one of the least understood parts of the law. Why is the individual mandate important to the entire plan, and how does it affect American citizens?

Treatment Options for Phobias
Phobias may be treated in two different ways, medication and therapy. Each type of treatment offers several possibilities. Many sufferers find that a combination of treatments works best.

Alternative Treatments for Phobias
Current medical thought supports two basic treatment options for phobias - therapy and medication. However, some people find relief in alternative treatments. Find more information here.

Managing Managed Care
Health care in the United States is in a crisis, with millions of uninsured or underinsured Americans struggling to pay medical bills. Mental health care is in particular jeopardy, as many insurers do not cover much, if any, mental health treatment. Nonetheless, there is hope. Read on for some ways to get phobia treatment regardless of insurance...

Understanding the Obama Health Care Plan
The Obama health care plan has been hotly debated by pundits and private citizens. Much of the controversy revolves around the concept of universal health care, which some claim will centralize the system and cause long lines for poor care. Read on for a detailed look at fact versus fiction.

Obama Health Care Plan and Mental Health Parity
Mental health parity is one of the lesser-known topics in the proposed Obama health care plan. Yet it is a crucial issue to those suffering from phobias and other psychological disorders. What is mental health parity, and how will the Obama health care plan expand its reach?

Weathering an Economic Crisis
At times of economic uncertainty, phobias and other anxiety disorders can develop or worsen. Yet it can be difficult to justify the continued cost of treatment. Here is what you should know to successfully weather an economic crisis with phobias.

How Can I Manage Claustrophobia Symptoms?
Claustrophobia is an insidious condition that tends to worsen over time, and can become extremely life-limiting. Fortunately, there are several basic steps to help you manage your claustrophobia in any situation.

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