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Readers Respond: What Are Your Biggest Fears?

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Updated July 19, 2009

From the article: The Psychology of Fear
Whether you have been diagnosed with a phobia or not, everyone is secretly afraid of something. Perhaps your fear is dolls or clowns, heights or flying, snakes or spiders. Whatever the object of your fear, it likely causes a visceral reaction in you. What are you most afraid of, and how does it make you feel? Share your stories here!


I have quite a few phobias. One is a fear of zombies. I developed it when I was a child and now I can't watch zombie movies play zombie video games or even see pictures of zombies. I also have a fear of being over deep water and being underwater and of being in a plane and in closed spaces. I'm honestly not sure Its healthy to have so many phobias...
—Guest M.R.S.


I really have a fear of insects i cant take them why when you crush them they make a crushing sound and guts oh my gosh i cant take it insects not a big fan if i sound like a wuss in sorry but dont blame me why i have it
—Guest Anthony


I am terrified of storms, especially if there is a lot of wind. If I hear a storm is coming I will be extremely anxious all day. I seem to think every storm has a tornado in it.
—Guest nat


i fear people a lot especially when i am asked to make any form of public speech. The situation is really devasting my life. Don't know what to do to combat it.
—Guest dede


I have a fear of dolls. My fear started when I was 3 and up until now (I'm 13) my fears have gotten worse and worse. I am more scared of baby dolls and glass dolls more than anything, I have panic attacks if I see one and I wanted to know if anyone else has or has had this fear? Is there any way I can help my fear?
—Guest Camryn


I am 15 and this fear has been ruining my life for quite a while. I love to visit museums and clothes outlets but more often than not they have waxworks and they scare me so much, I am at a loss of what to do.
—Guest sarah


My fear? I have several of them.. One of them is that I'm afraid that one day everything will end, everything will die, except of me. I have a fear that I'll be the only one left, that I'll be alone. Even the idea of that scares me so bad. I'm also afraid of dying. Well, who is not? Actually, it's the only thing anybody is afraid of.. Death. Just think about it.. You're scared of something because you think it will kill you. Death it is. It's more complicated than you think for me.. And that's not my only fears. I know you may then judge me from my so young age but trust me.. I'm so more open minded than you think....
—Guest Nancy


I am insanely afraid of heights. Although I do enjoy experiencing this fear! Whenever the opportunity to do so safely arises, I indulge. Stood on the rails and put my forehead against the glass at sears tower etc.! Even when watching movies, the Mission Impossibles almost always have a scene or two where Tom Cruise is doing something insane with heights involved. Dealing with heights, for some reason, especially on TV or at the theater, make my feet sweat and my anus tighten up, weird
—Guest Sean


I do not have a phobia. Why should one waste their time fearing something if it poses no threat to you? Most people are afraid of dying; therefore they seek out religion so that their qualms will be soothed. Most people are afraid of spiders; I know that if a black widow or similarly poisonous arachnid were about to bite that would trigger a fear response, but why should you be afraid of something that is both smaller and less harmless than you are? And if you have trypanaphobia (fear needles being used for a medical purpose, not of sewing needles and the like) and you're about to get a shot, please put this thought to the front of your mind: a small needle sinking into my flesh is far less worse than what would come if I didn't have it. You can think that or simply have them restrain you.
—Guest Jonathan

Fear of air suffocating me

I have a fear that the earth's air will suffocate me.Does anyone else have this fear?
—Guest George


My fear is emotional based. My father was a Marine, he took care of the physical fears early in my life, unintentionally. However when a man can trace his defects, like a spider web, what else is there to fear? Even though I was raised in a fear based home, I have changed my family genetic lifestyle, to the best of my ability. Take away all of your addictions, such as: shopping, facebook, dating, sex, eating, friends, driving, exercise, drugs, alcohol, text messaging; you get the point; where do you stand, with fear starring you in the eyes? From what I understand, life is a pyraimd, to get to the problem, one must travel to the base, to find the solution. Base equals roots of one's life.
—Guest tiedyed13


fear of social situations, failure,of loosing children or grandchildren, failure,being unable to care for myself
—Guest debra scantlin


My only fear is wasted effort. If I work really hard at something, I fear doing that work for nothing.


I am seriously terrified of frogs, toads, or anything that croaks and hops. Whenever I see a picture of one, my heart starts to pound like crazy and I have a panic attack.


Some people are a afraid of being different from others. They are afraid of not going with the flow. I however, am afraid or being normal. The thought of being like the majority of other people is excruciatingly terrible. I make sure to be different in anyway I can without altering my personality. However, it is alone here and I don't want to be like everyone else but I am by myself in theory.
—Guest Joshua

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