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Readers Respond: Personal Experiences With Animal Phobias

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Updated June 04, 2010

Phobias of certain animals such as snakes and spiders are relatively common. Traditional belief holds that we may be hard wired to fear these animals because they posed a real risk to our ancestors. Some newer research suggests that we may not actually fear the animals, but are actually disgusted by them. Do you have an animal phobia? Are you literally afraid of being bitten? Of pain? Of death? Or are you more "grossed out" or repulsed? Share your thoughts here.


I have arachnophobia, I think I have one of the more serious phobias. I think my fear is connected with a few bad experiences I had as a child, I'm 18 now and infact this afternoon I had a massive panic attack when I found one in my laundry, the feeling I get, even with pictures, can only be described as massively intense anxiety and blood curdeling fear followed by hours of paranoia, the affects which I am experiencing now. I'm unsure if it's associated with disgust of the creatures but more a fear of the image itself. I'm still working on it and wish to expunge my fear now more then ever.
—Guest Stacey


I ctomlepely feel you with the Jaws scene. A couple of others too. Thinking in the line of newer films, though, reading this post immediately made me think of the movie The Orphanage. 1) The sea shell path home. 2) The moment the main character, desperate to contact her ghostly child peers, starts plaything that game they used to play as kids. When she turns around to face the wall and starts playing the game, you just KNOW whats coming...
—Guest tiHMJQBlGzajYQHpz


I have arachnophobia, but its not so bad when looking at pictures of spiders. Put one in front of me though, and I will run away screaming. I think it is due to revulsion, because the closest I have gotten to panicing around a spider was when one crawled over my arm when I was in my bed. I really hated the sensation of it crawling over me and freaked out. My mom is the same way about snakes. She says she's not scared of them, but she finds that they are gross and repulsive.
—Guest Tanya


I have had arachnophobia for as long as I can remember (I am 40 now). My fear is rooted in a revulsion of spiders. I am not afraid of poisonous spiders or of being bitten, rather I am afraid of coming into physical contact with them - I don't want them crawling on me.
—Guest Bernard
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