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Readers Respond: Confronting the Fear of Death

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Updated January 29, 2010

Fear of death

I remember when I was young and my little brother was born. I visited him in the hospital and the first thought that came into my head was "he's going to die someday". How morbid. Although I can distract myself most of the time there are times when I'm out with friends and family laughing and having fun and I look at them and think one day we'll all be gone. And it depresses me. I don't have kids because I dont want to look at my children and always see death.
—Guest Max power

fear of death is destroying my sleep.

I have a fear of death and can't get a good night's sleep. Its effected my daily lifestyle. What can I do?
—Guest kArl

Fear of Death

I'm a 16 year old girl and has been suffering with the constant thought of death since I was about 12. I have had panic attacks while thinking about it and as much as i would like it to stop, I can't. I tried to talk to alot of people about it but they say to "ignore it" and just focus on something else. It isn't easy. it usually happens in the nighttime, even sometimes in the morning when i think about it alot and I start to panic. I don't know what to do. My sister suggests seeing a therapist. Should I?
—Guest Hina

fear of dead

i cant sleep in night more than 3 or 4 hour coz a fear always around me and when i am alone the fear heavy upon me. heip me god .......................;
—Guest ash....


Someone told me that the only thing worse than eternal life is eternal death and then i kinda developed more of a fear of existance and i just started thinking how everything i will or ever could do would be equally meaningless. I dont understand how people just go about their lives. Somtimes i'm sitting on the bus i get everyday wondering how everyone keeps a straight face because i just want to scream my lungs out over this whole nightmare.
—Guest Miss Anthrope

I am not afraid

I am not afraid of death. Sometimes I really want to know what it is like. The next world. It's crazy that some people die really slow deaths while others are snatched out without being able to say anything to those they love. They process has to be crazy. It's amazing how people think they are going to live forever.
—Guest Death DeAidrah

Scared to death of DEATH

I used to think I was immortal, the whole world crumbled and torn and I will be there alive when everything else is dead and long gone. Then my mother died. Just last night I woke up with an awful sense of desperation and hopelessness. It was to a point were i was so sure it was my time to die. How does one move on when all he can think about is everyone and everything dying? Why would you live when you know in the end there is only death?
—Guest Anwar

Fear of b'n out of control

My fear iv had since I was young & it's basis is what happens when we die. Just now u know ur alive, feel it, see it. But wot happens when all that stops, where d'u go, wot happens when u get there? Guess my fear is the unknown, of having no control over death & b'n out of control. Not getting 2 see my kids grow up, missing out on all the things life has 2 offer.
—Guest Miguel

Fear steering

I feel the most afraid at night. If I stay up too late and I am lying in bed and its pitch black, my head starts filling with all these thoughts and to stop myself I usually think to myself: "STOP! be rational, stay calm... you have so much life left to live so don't waste it on thinking of this... life is short so live it to its fullest!"
—Guest Alex

Wish we didn't die

I'm 32yrs old and I feel what a lot of you feel about this phobia. My mind starts running at night. It doesn't help that I am claustrophobic. The thought of being in a coffin and buried 6 ft under drives me insane. Although I know that I will not know what's going on I feel like I'll suffocate in there. My feelings have become worse throughout the years. Having a wonderful br and beautiful kids makes this much worse. I episodes began when I was 7 yrs old. Being raised in a super religious household where everyday I was reminded of Heaven and Hell did not help me. I often believed that I was a sinner. Can you believe that? At 7? I just recently started talking about it to my bf. It was hard because I didn't want him to think I was weak or crazy. I hate talking about it too because I think & cry about it more. I'm thinking about reading motivational/inspirational books and seek the help of a mental professional.
—Guest Audrey


I cant stop thinking about dying. I'm 58 years old and I think that I am on the last leg of my life. The fear of death consumes almost every waking moment and keeps me up at night. Is there a God? Do I deserve to go to heaven? I won't be able to breath in my coffin!! Please cremate me.
—Guest Deborah

fear of death

This fear of death started when i was about 7. My mom never helped me through it at all, even being so little and crying it was a joke to her. It recentlly came back to me in last year or so. It is starting to affect my daily life, i always think of it. It really sucks to feel this way, i pray one day it will go away. Any advice? I'm now 37 why now?confused.

33 and scared

I have these bouts of this feeling of dread. Fearing death since I was a little girl. I think it is because I grew up with the fear of my dad dying(he had Bypass surgery when I was a baby) . He died when I was 27 and before he passed on he would want to talk to me about it happening,and I wanted to ignore that it was going to happen someday. Somehow I got the feeling he wasn't frightened, he was raised when Church and School was the only things to do. I wish I was raised in a church going family. I want to believe in something. I want to know that I will see my dad again, and be able to hug him again. To talk and joke with him and others that I have lost.
—Guest Kim

Born to Die

I used to get a weird feeling when i thought about the concept of death, especially when i went to church, but now i realize that we cant constantly live in fear of what will inevitably happen to us all. We truly are born to conquer life, and reach the goal of death.
—Guest karl

Morbid, Masochistic Curiosity

We naturally have A morbid curiosity and are naturally masochistic and are of course curious. I read that it is irrational to fear death and I find that to be idiotic to say the least. If you add those three elements of the human condition together, the weight of our existences void is exposed through the fear of our mortality. The part that truly bothers me is the fact nothing being really needed in the infinite future. Is as if we are a waste of time, without cause or explanation. Our minds trick us, nature tricks us, and people trick us into life. There is no way to cope with the frenetic, moronic rush the universe is in. The only thing to do is ignore it and re commit your attention span.
—Guest James
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