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Readers Respond: Opinions on Public Health Care Plan

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Updated August 23, 2009

Obamas healthcare plan

Im hearing so many different views on this topic,trying to understand why exactly the republicans say we are taking rights away from us as US free people,& this is communist,&will lead to future "CONTROL"??? I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed ( so to speak) however,how will this.add to our 14trillion in debt budget? isnt it Humanity,to care for the ill,? And American spirit to take care of our loved ones,our sick,our needy? Someone explain how this bill is going to hurt us phyiscally,mentally,emotionally,and fiancially as a country or humans with intergrity,and heart? I
—Guest Rooby

health care fallout

as a result of the presidents health care plan my company has decided they dont need to offer health care since it will be required in 2014.....but what the h~¤¤ am I suppose to now? I cant afford 400 a month for major medical coverage. THE PLAN SHOULD KICK IN AT THE END OF THE YEAR!!!!!! veebird
—Guest veebird


Goverment agencies in my experience has no idea what is affordable for my budget, so what happens when I cant afford this Healthcare? If I cant afford healthcare price are you going to charge me a fine I cant afford too? How does this fix our problem

Government healthcare not a free-for-all

Please don't assume everyone who makes more than you will pay for all or part of it. We won't be able to afford anything more than you do now. It'll just be involuntarily taken from you in higher prices/taxes so you don't have freedom of choices. Universal or natinalized health care is not a free-for-all. Do research. In Britain, you still have to get supplemental insurance to get more than basics covered, which is probably hard to afford with HIGH taxes on EVERYTHING ($6 gas, higher income taxes than USA, sales tax up to 20%, etc). Countries (Canada and some European ones) that have government care are having problems with it and are talking about or in process of becoming more private. Around the time Obama's people started talking about health care, they set up a committee to spell out what will not be covered if Obamacare passes. Also, don't you find it suspicious that health associations are now revising their recommendations, like women needn't get mammogram until 50 vs 40 yrs
—Guest Andrea B


Page 65: Taxpayers will subsidize all union retiree and community organizer health plans (example: SEIU, UAW and More pork just in a new bill. Those who can't afford premiums now will be fined if they don't buy in. How does this make sense?
—Guest Richard

I am for it

I am 22 years old and diagnosed with asperger syndrome, adhd, severe anxiety and developmental/learning delays. With my current insurance, they refuse to give me very much coverage, especially for dental care. My teet are really bad I need a healthcare plan that sees the needs of my disabilities, not deny me coverage just because I am over 21. So I think this would really help me a lot.
—Guest anynoumous

Insurance Lobbyists Fight Medical care

I agree with Miriam -her title HEALTH CARE REFORM. USA should have socialized medicine. But , before this can be done, as Miriam says, we should look at what is causing the upsurge in socialized expenses like welfare. Once a woman or man goes on welfare they should no longer have the ability to put additional children on the dole. If they have more children - they will have to figure it out themselves as to how they will feed them. This whole welfare system is what the problem is. These welfare families are getting more benefit than the middle class who is paying the daily expenses of those not willing to work. It's time to put in some LIMITS ... and then introduce socialized medicine. CANADA has done a GREAT JOB with their socialized medicine and the costs are not going through the roof as they are here in USA. My 90 year old relative broke her hip; was taken into the hospital and then on to rehabilitation - This type of care would never happen in USA. & no bankruptcy.
—Guest patsy

public universal health care

health care is a human right. the cost to the individual should be within their budget and available to all. utilizing our present health care more effectively and streamlining the administrative burden on everyone. in otherwords, more comprensive and easier to use.
—Guest sandra shepherd

Obama Care

wow this was an insightful and intriguing article on Obama Care so thanks for posting
—Guest Sam

Fed Retirees with FEHP will lose big

You forgot to mention that if all the people in Kansas are in a single group, it will still be smaller than in the FEHP. Smaller group---higher costs. You also forgot to mention that the government will no longer pay their part of the plan and we the retirees/workers will bear the full burden of the cost. For the many that think the govt plan is so great, they should just look at many of the union plans and how they are paid. Fed employees aren't the fat cats that we are made out to be.
—Guest Jerry

A question?

Haha I love this site so much But i have one questions that is what you think the most important issue in health care is and how you plan to address it as a health care professional??
—Guest lia

what will start know

i would like to know what health coverage will start know
—Guest mike

Weigh-In On Important Issue

HEALTHCARE REFORM BILL YOUR OPINION YOUR OPINION MATTERS! What do you think about this historic occasion? http://healthcarereformbillpassed.blogspot.com/
—Guest DanFF

The Best Thing We Can Do

I am a college student. After reading many responses, I am appalled to see the lack of faith. You can compare numbers, or rely on the past, but complaining and remaining biased will neither help nor determine the outcome. We elect a new president every some years for various reasons, but the most important one we forget is to give that voice a chance to try and make this country stronger. Regardless of which party the president resides, he has his own identity and his own ideas. Just because in the past a president who happened to be in the same party did said actions, does NOT necessarily mean this president will do the same. In order to permit change, we have to be open minded, so give him and his new plan a chance. Remember, he is only human and much like the rest of the specie, mistakes need to made in order to learn from them. By hoping for the best while preparing how to act under every possible outcome, we will learn how to behave as a country for once.
—Guest Sarah

to guest Karen

I lived in 4 countries; US doctors and system are not the best in the world by far! Most are mediocre or worse. They have the best pay in the world however.
—Guest Andrey

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