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Understanding Your Treatment Team

Your mental health treatment team may consist of many different professionals. Each plays an important and unique role, but how can you tell the difference? Find out here!

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Shubo-kyofu, or fear of a deformed body, is a subtype of taijin kyofusho, or a specific Japanese form of social phobia.


Jiko-shisen-kyofu is a form of taijin kyofusho, or Japanese social phobia. The fear is specifically of one's own glance and, in the Western world, it is sometimes regarded as a specific phobia.

Olfactory Reference Syndrome

Olfactory reference syndrome is similar to obsessive-compulsive disorder, and many clinicians view it as a subtype. It also shares characteristics with bromidrophobia and the Japanese jiko-shu-kyofu.


Koro, or the fear of genital retraction, primarily appears in Asian males. It has also been reported in epidemics around the world.


Hikikomori is a form of social phobia that occurs almost exclusively in Asian males. It is not precisely a phobia, but causes symptoms similar to those of severe agoraphobia.

Ataque de Nervios

Ataque de nervios is a relatively common condition among Latinos, particularly in the Caribbean. Sometimes known as Puerto Rico syndrome, the condition is similar but not identical to a panic attack.

Taijin Kyofusho

Taijin kyofusho is a culturally-bound Japanese form of social phobia. While Western social phobia focuses on personal embarrassment, taijin kyofusho is concerned with embarrassing others.

Morita Therapy

Created in 1919, Morita therapy is a classic Japanese therapeutic technique. It is used for phobias as well as other mental health disorders.

What Is the Fear of Chewing Gum?

The fear of chewing gum is known as chiclephobia. Although rare, this phobia can cause issues in daily life. Oprah Winfrey is arguably the best-known sufferer of chiclephobia.


Tranylcypromine, or Parnate, is an MAOI. Although these medications are not often prescribed anymore due to side effects, they are sometimes the best choice. If you are on this medication, it is very important to understand both the benefits and the risks.

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