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The fear of spiders appears to be both ancient and primal. Some research indicates that it may have evolved as a means of protecting our ancestors from harm. Today, however, arachnophobia can be paralyzing. Learn more about this common phobia.

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Fear of a Deformed Body

Sunday March 31, 2013

Shubo-kyofu, or fear of a deformed body, is a culturally-bound Japanese phobia. Similar to dysmorphophobia, the fear is a subtype of taijin kyofusho, or Japanese social phobia. Learn more about the differences between this and Western fears of deformity.


Sunday March 31, 2013

A subtype of taijin kyofusho, or a Japanese form of social phobia, jiko-shisen-kyofu is literally the fear of one's own glance. In the West, jiko-shisen-kyofu is often considered a specific phobia, but in Japan it is usually treated with traditional methods. Learn more about this unusual phobia.


Saturday March 30, 2013

Koro, or fear of genital retraction, is often but not always linked to Asian males. It sometimes appears as mass hysteria in other parts of the world from Africa to the United States. What is this fear, and why does it hit large groups?


Saturday March 30, 2013

A relatively new disorder in young Asian males, hikikomori resembles both social phobia and agoraphobia. Yet it is not exactly the same. Have a look at this troubling new phenomenon.

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