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Understanding Phobias in Children

If your child suffers from a phobia, you probably have innumerable questions. Find out more here about phobias in children.
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Distinguishing Normal Childhood Anxiety From a Possible Phobia
Phobias and other anxiety disorders are tricky to diagnose in children due to the frequency of normal childhood fears. Learning to recognize normal childhood anxiety can help you decide whether your child's fears are unusual. Here's how to tell if your child needs screening.

Back to School Phobias
Fears are common in children, particularly during transitional times in their lives. Going back to school can trigger signs of anxiety. In most children, these fears go away after a new routine is established. However, in some kids, these fears worsen into phobias. Read on for a parents' guide on what to look for.

Fear of Death in Children
Thanatophobia, or the fear of death, strikes children as well as adults. A mild form may be normal for children, but it can heartbreaking for parents to witness.

What to Expect at Your Child's First Therapy Appointment
Taking your child to a therapist can be nerve-wracking. However, knowing what to expect can smooth the process for both you and your child. Read on for more information on your child's first therapist appointment.

Play Therapy in Children With Phobias
Play therapy is a common form of therapy for children. It can look a bit odd to adults, however. Read on for more information about this unique therapy style that works well in children with phobias.

Should Children Take Phobia Medications?
If your child has been diagnosed with a phobia, you will have a few options for treatment. Phobias are sometimes treated with medications such as antidepressants. Yet many parents are concerned about side effects. Read on for more on this debate.

Separation Anxiety
Separation anxiety can be frustrating for parents, but it can be a healthy part of childhood development. What's normal, and when should you seek professional advice?

Separation Anxiety Disorder Stories - Readers Share Stories of Separation...
While normal separation anxiety generally subsides over time, separation anxiety disorder can seem never-ending. Does your child have separation anxiety disorder? How has it impacted both of your lives? Share your stories on coping with separation anxiety disorder.

Cibophobia and Children
Parents' attitudes are one factor in the development of phobias in children. But can children actually "catch" a food phobia? How can parents ensure that children develop a healthy relationship with food?

Childhood Phobias
Fears are an important part of child development, but kids are just as prone to phobias as adults. How can parents tell the difference, and what should you do if you need professional assistance?

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