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Self-Help Solutions for Phobias

In addition to professional treatment, some people with phobias find that home remedies soothe their anxiety. Find out about common self-help solutions here.

Coping With the Fear of Rejection
Although the fear of rejection can affect virtually all parts of your life, some basic coping strategies may be enough to overcome it. If not, therapy works well in battling this fear.

Is It Possible to Just Deal With a Phobia?
Well-meaning friends and family sometimes encourage us to just deal with our phobias. Is it possible? Can you get over a phobia on your own? What can happen when you try?

Using Relaxation Techniques to Keep a Phobia Under Control
Although professional treatment should be sought for a phobia, some sufferers find that relaxation techniques can also help. Read on for suggestions.

Need to Face Your Phobia Trigger?
There are times in life when we simply must do certain things in spite of our phobias. If you are facing a major confrontation with the object of your fear, you are likely extremely anxious. Here are some ways to use the behavioral technique of positive reinforcement to propel you through the feared situation.

Get Started in Yoga
Yoga is a wonderful way to relieve stress and anxiety. If you are new to yoga, however, you may wonder where to begin. Read on for a few steps to getting started.

Visualization for Beginners
Visualization is a useful tool for reducing stress and the effects of phobias. However, it can be tricky to get started. Read on for some suggestions on successful visualization.

Meditation for Beginners
Meditation is a commonly used technique for reducing stress and anxiety, but learning to meditate can be difficult for beginners. Read on for tips to get you started.

Aromatherapy for Phobias
Aromatherapy has become a popular alternative treatment for many illnesses. Read on for information on aromatherapy for phobia treatment.

Defeating Your Own Boggart
Harry Potter and his friends defeat the fearsome boggart using visualization to turn it into something silly. Could this work in real life? Can guided visualization and the power of laughter help you defeat your fear?

Affirmations are positive messages that help us overcome negative self-talk. How do they work, and how can they help in treating phobias?

Crank Windows, Hurrications and Other Adaptations
Sometimes making a small concession to our fears allows us to do the things we need to do without triggering a major panic reaction. Like a security blanket, simple adaptations give us a feeling of control and may lessen our fearful responses.

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