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Readers Respond: What Scares Me About Flying

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Updated June 03, 2009

From the article: Aerophobia (Fear of Flying)
Aerophobia, or the fear of flying, is related to many other fears. Some people are afraid of terrorism or mechanical failures. Some fear the confined space or lack of privacy. Many worry about what others may bring onboard the plane, which could range from allergy-triggering peanuts to animals to weapons. What scares you about flying? Is it the height, the being confined, the other passengers or something else?


Ive been flying since I was a kid. I don't love it but I don't mind it. In my twenties the fear got worst and now turns into phobia. The last time I board a plane I cried. The fear of falling out of the sky ( even thinking abt it now makes my hand shakes) had stop me from doing anything. Sometimes I'm okay but most of the time I'm not.
—Guest Leo

Didn't work for me

I'm a fearful flyer. I'm 61 years old and I will avoid flying at any cost. I attended an airline sponsored fearful flyers school for 6 weeks. Didn't help. No type of relaxation therapy worked. I hate it. That's all there is to it and I don't care to fly ever.
—Guest Dianne



The turbulence, the height the plane etc

As someone said, how do these mechanical elephants stay up? When I am in the air I keep thinking, this thing is heavy, who is holding it? Are the engines okay? Is there enough fuel? What happens if the pilot suddenly becomes afraid of heights? And heaven forbid, what happens if this thing falls. I am not afraid of death. I am afraid of pain. I hate turbulence because I feel even more afraid. I need help. I am travelling in a few days and I am so scared I am loosing sleep.
—Guest Ayo

scared of flying

It used to be a fear of height and a plane falling if it ran into a problem. Now it is combined with terroist and bombs and hijacks.
—Guest Ann

Dropping Out of the Sky

No matter how often people try to explain it to me, I cannot fathom how a heavy object like a plane filled with people stays up in the air.
—Guest carly

My sister's aerophobia

I'm not afraid of flying, but my sister has always had a phobia about getting in airplanes. I think she somehow thought the plane was going to crash. She once had to come along with me on a short flight, and when the plane took off, it turned. She grabbed my hand and said, "Why is it doing that?" I said because if it doesn't turn, we'll wind up in Canada instead of Florida." She laughed. One good thing is that...even though she's not completely over her phobia.... she went to a hypnotherapist for a few sessions. He gave her a tape to play at home, and she successfully flew a number of times without experiencing a full-blown phobic reaction. So there are ways of getting over this.
—Guest Gloria


I love to travel, but am terrified of flying. I am mostly afraid of the plane crashing; no matter what the cause is. Terrorism, mechanical failure, turbulence... the thought of falling out of the sky is beyond frightening for me! Luckily though, a combination of deep breathing, medication, plenty of distractions and a supportive husband are enough to keep me traveling!
—Guest Nicole
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